Hearing Aids are for Everyone

Hearing Aids Not Only for Seniors

Deteriorating hearing is a problem that affects not only seniors but also younger people, including children. It all depends on what the causes of this ailment are. Quick and correct diagnosis allows you to get the right hearing aid, significantly affecting the quality of life of a hard-of-hearing person.

What are the Symptoms of Hearing Loss and What Causes It?

We often start to have a problem understanding what someone else is saying to us, and we ask for it to be repeated several times. This is especially tiring when you are talking on the phone or in a noisy environment. The first symptoms are also turning up the TV to values that were previously too high for us, which our relatives often notice. This is enough of a reason to have your hearing checked. 

There are many possible causes of hearing loss. First of all, it occurs with age and affects a large group of seniors, but the hearing aid can also be used by adults or children, where the hearing loss is a result of diseases, mechanical injuries, or post-complication complications. The hearing test frequency performed by a specialist will help determine which frequency causes us the most problems and thus also choose the right hearing aid. 

Human Hearing Frequency 

Hearing frequency is measured in Hertz and is expressed in the number of vibrations per second that eventually end up in the human ear and are further processed. Humans can hear sounds ranging from 20 to 20 000 hertz, but some can hear sounds as low as 16 hertz. We are most sensitive to the frequency range from 1000 Hz to 3000 Hz. Some sounds make us feel good and others just the opposite. 

In the case of hearing loss, there are, among other things, problems with picking up certain sounds from human speech and often they can be completely different – it all depends on which areas of hearing are damaged. It can be, for example, the letters “f” or “s”. Usually, the first symptom is a decline in high-frequency hearing. A hearing test, including the one performed in a specialist doctor’s office or in a prosthetic office, allows determining how the frequency of hearing relates to our loss and thus choose the right hearing aid.

Hearing Aids Not Only for Seniors 

The role of a hearing aid is to amplify the sound and deliver it to our ears so that it becomes audible to us. So it consists mainly of the three most important elements, i.e. the microphone, the amplifier, and the speaker. They also fall into two main categories: behind-the-ear and custom hearing aids. To choose the right device, it is necessary to visit a doctor and undergo specialist examinations. 

Choosing the right hearing aid depends on many factors. It is primarily the degree of hearing loss and aesthetic preferences and lifestyle – a completely different hearing aid will work for a senior person than for a much younger person. Price is also an important issue – hearing aids can vary significantly in this respect.

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