Mental Health Tips for Teachers

Taking Care of your Mental Health while Teaching Online

As the COVID-19 pandemic speedily spreads across the world, educational institutions have closed their physical classes, and have completely shifted to online platforms. While this progression has open doors for new opportunities to improvise the educational paradigm, it has also brought in, pristine challenges in the daylight. The changeover to online education has affected not only teachers but also students who got to get habituated to a novel learning atmosphere. This unexpected transition to virtual learning and the unrequited questions associated with this process has led to mental health challenges, greater than before, such as anxiety, stress, depression, abridged attention span, and lack of motivation among students which additionally leads to pitiable academic performance. 

Probable grounds for this may be physical unavailability, firm social isolation rules, disturbance in daily errands, unavailability of co-curricular activities, and the new way of academic teaching. 

While everyone involved in the educational sphere is thankful that the permanence of education has remained the main concern, the significance of mental well-being in an unsure scenario seems to be for the most part ignored. We need to take suitable and essential measures to tackle the stress related to the virtual type of learning.

Through this blog, we have stated 5 tips that you can incorporate into your daily life while dealing with online sessions. We hope these may be useful for you while dealing with stress. 

1. Time Management

Too much to do, so little done? This is one of the biggest stress generators for both students as well as teachers. If you are feeling besieged, taking immediately these little steps in the direction of managing your time can considerably decrease your stress:

Preparing a Task Datebook

Create a datebook or calendar for every online class that you have to be a part of. Accordingly, mark when the deadlines of each assignment and examination. After that, dedicate your time on that particular date for that certain task only. 

Staying Prearranged– 

This can also be applied to your life commonly! When it comes to online learning, make sure your workstation (where you operate or be a part of your online classes) is away and free from all the unnecessary clutter. Systematize all content material, notebooks, and other stationery items that you may use for your session. This will not create any last moment hassle. 

Choosing the Right Platform

There is plenty of app for online teaching available in the market today. Choosing the wrong platform can take a toll on your performance. Hence, it is very important to choose the right platform to execute things smoothly. One of the best apps to teach online is Teachmint. You can always go for this application for a hassle-free and innovative teaching-learning experience. 

2. Relaxation Time

Making out some time to unwind and de-stress is important, particularly during a demanding time for everybody. These recreational time phases are crucial to making your online education experience easier:

  • Pick up a novel or a storybook, and read something dissimilar from your study material or course reading.
  • Consider doing rumination, yoga, and other spiritual exercises. 
  • Have a conversation with your close friends and family members.
  • Sleep well enough.  Have at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep. 

3. Have a Balanced Diet

While it is very alluring to treat yourself with high-calorie, sugary “junk,” these foods reduce your vigor and drastically affect academic presentation. Attend or execute your online education with high-fiber eatables, like fruits, vegetables, protein diet, and whole grains. Your body will be grateful. As it is said, “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. 

4. Syncopate With Yourself

The stress that you experience while pursuing any type of education, whether online or physical, can move stealthily upon you. The problem in sleeping, panic attacks, depression, bad concentration, and numerous indications of stress, can all augment. Make time to frequently check yourself to measure your feelings, both physically as well as mentally, then include various stress management activities that suit you the best. 

We hope that a few of these tips can lend a hand to you in adapting to a new-fangled online environment. We will be back with new blogs related to online education soon again! Till then take care of your health, and happy teaching!

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