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Facebook Image Search or FB Reverse Image Search: Know the Term Better

Facebook currently enjoys three billion monthly users in the year 2021. With this immense popularity, Facebook is gaining an incredible database every day. Not only it allows you to communicate with friends and families; connect with niche communities, or if required, enable you to find people or information using the “Facebook image search” technology.

If you require to find a special person, discovering a friend’s profile, know that someone is using your identity without your authorization, or looking for the source of a viral meme, use the image searching method and do the required investigation in a couple of minutes. 

Though the Facebook search method is popular, it might not help everyone out there. Thus, we have enlisted some additional methods apart from the official Facebook image search. 

Let’s begin!

What Kind of Images can be used?

With all the methods given below, any kind of image will work and can be used for finding the information for an image. So, no matter what information is required, you just need to have an image or picture. For instance, with the Filename method, every image has unique Filenames, and thus tracking them down becomes easier. And, if the same image has been uploaded by numerous users, only the most relevant one being listed. 

If you are using the Facebook research method, finding the exact match is difficult. Since it works best with only clear and unique images and better resolution, more accuracy will result.

Facebook image search is quite different from the facial recognition software/techniques, so nothing extraordinary will happen. 

Important Note: These methods are only meant for legal uses and it is better not to use them for illegal purposes and not to stalk anyone.

What is the Facebook Image Search?

Facebook uses the Image Search technique that enables users to search a person’s profile using his photo ID.  The reverse of this technique uses the contrasting approach i.e. using the photo ID that Facebook assigns to every image, to find a particular Facebook profile. Normally, people use Social Search Engine or Search bar in simple words, to find out a profile; this can be done using the name, surname, location, and more such related terms.

How Facebook Image Search Works??

The Facebook Image Search is somewhat different from the Google Image Search. What Google does is a very simple way in which the crawler looks out for the Alt Text associated with the image, on the other hand, Facebook uses three different strategies while finding data related to the searched image.

  1. Facebook crawls all Facebook photos with their respective Account ID. So, when an image is being searched, the Account ID of the user appears in the results.
  2. But, Facebook considers all the privacy settings related to the account of the user.
  3. FB doesn’t provide private photos as it has to respect the user’s privacy. So, the public images related to the profile, are displayed only.

Needless to say, the privacy settings of a Facebook profile have a large impact on what to be shown and whatnot, and thus acts as a driving factor. If the user has settings like “Friends”, “Friend of Friend” or “Only Me”, the other images of that account has difficult to find, unless you are somehow associated with the person. 

How to Use Facebook Search Image Feature?

The Easiest Way

The simplest way to search for an image is to access your Facebook account and then enter keywords and you will be provided with the relevant results. Alternatively, you can use a phrase like “Photos of XYZ” in the search bar and get the most relevant results

The Tedious Way

There is another way that is hard and lengthy. You can open Facebook.com/directory and use the available options to check the profile.

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How to Find Facebook Profile Using an Image?

Here are few most effective methods to find the FB profile of a web user using an image.

Method 1: With Photo ID

If you know that the image is taken from the Facebook account, you can try the below-given methods that can help you identify the particular image:

  1. First, check the name of the image.
  2. The image will include the “FB” mentioned file name of the image.
  3. Every filename is distributed in three different sets of numbers with the use of periods. Importantly, check for the middle part of the number:
  • For instance, fbid=737463636537e&set=a.12599254846537.2345.107445546444&. The underlined part is what we need. (it should not have any decimal)
  1. The underlined set is the profile ID of the Facebook user.
  2. Now, enter https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=******** 
  3. Replace the ******* with the profile ID number.
  4. Hit the Enter button and the profile related to the image will be opened on your screen.

This method certainly has some limitations such as it won’t show up the images with security and privacy. But it worth a shot.

Method 2: By Using Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search is the most effective method to find the real source information of a picture. This method is mainly formed to find the alike images which are available on the web. Every search engine has a different way to find image information, but if we talk about the most popular search engine Google, it is quite simple to use the Reverse search method. For this, you need to make a search using the image for which information is required, a thorough search would be made and you will receive the exact location of your image over the web. 

Using the “Search by Image” button to upload the image and you will get all the other images available on the web from the same resource. Furthermore, if the URL of the pic is from Facebook or other social media, the FB profile will open before you along with other corresponding information.

Search by “Google Image Search”

  1. Go to https://images.google.com/ 
  2. Now, click on the “Camera Icon” just near the search bar
  1. Then, select “Upload an Image” option and if you have the URL with you, paste it in the respective field.
  2. On selecting “Upload an Image”, click “choose file” and upload the file from your device.
  3. Hit Enter, and you will receive the desired information on your screen

Search by “TinEye Reverse Image Search”

TinEye is another browser that offers you image searching options mainly for “rev images”. It works the same as Google search, you just need to upload the image or simply paste the URL in the respective text field. You will be greeted with all the related images and other information.

Search by “Bing Rev Image Search”

Bing also has the same feature to bring the information about profile or information just with an image. 

  1. Go to link: https://www.bing.com/images/trending?FORM=ILPTRD and then click on the upload image icon.
  1. Apart from uploading the image, you can even click Image or Paste the URL.
  1. This search look for the details available using the visual search algorithm. 
  2. You can copy the written text of the image.
  3. Better-categorized details will be provided without any complications.

Search by using “SearchIsBack Advanced FB Search”

SearchIsBack is another way of finding people using the city, relationship status, school, first name, and more information. You can search for information like posts, photos, events, and other stuff. It makes the FB search easier and more convenient. With very few resources, you can find most information.


With the above-given techniques, you can make Facebook Image Search find web users with the help of just one image, URL, or pic recognition technology. All these means are very fair, just give them a try.

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