Facebook is not working on android phone

Basic Tips to Fix Facebook App Issues for Android Users

Alexis Ohanian once quoted “It takes discipline not to let social media steal your time”. Well, we cannot say that this statement is not true for the kids of this generation as being socially active is the new trend.

Social media has taken the world by storm. There are tons of brilliant platforms that one can use to form a social circle, post about themselves, and even interact with strangers from different parts of the globe.

Among all of these platforms, the one that has been at the top for more than a decade now is Facebook. This amazing social media platform has been offering tons of great filters and features for more than a decade now along with an exclusive user interface that makes it easy for users of all age groups to have a great time.

The platform of Facebook has been significant to many people who lead a hectic lifestyle as this platform is the only way that they can keep track of what is happening in the modern world.

But similar to every other thing, Facebook is not flawless either. The platform of Facebook has been receiving a lot of criticism because the android users of this platform have been experiencing a lot of issues.

These issues can cause severe inconvenience and may even anger the users at times. Be it the crashing of the Facebook application or in case you are unable to refresh the news feed, there are plenty of errors that a user may have to keep in mind.

If you are experiencing any one of these users, worry not as we have got you covered as today’s article will be shedding light on some simple tips, if you may call them that, that can help you enjoy your daily social updates without any interruptions.

But before we get into that, let us take a look at some of the common issues that the users face when the Facebook app is not working on android

Facebook Issues on Android That are Quite Common 

Android users can face a wide range of issues with the application of Facebook, to begin with. It can be that the application of Facebook refuses to open or maybe the application crashes from time to time. 

Whatever the case may be, let us take a look at all of the possible problems that an android user can face.

  • he Facebook app is not opening 
  • The Facebook app keeps crashing
  • The app of Facebook suddenly stopped working
  • Unable to refresh the news feed in the Facebook app
  • Unable to upload photos to Facebook from your android device
  • You are not receiving any notifications from the app of Facebook

The list just keeps getting bigger and bigger and a user can face any of these issues. Now that we know about these errors, the next segment brings about some simple yet effective tips that can help you to fix when Facebook is not working on android.

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Simple and Effective Tips to Fix Facebook App Issues for Android

In case you encounter any of the aforementioned problems, this section can help you to get rid of them with relative ease. These tips should get the job done for you irrespective of whether the issue in question is serious or not. So, without further adieu, let us begin.

Tip 1:  Update the Application of Facebook

It is common knowledge that whenever a user faces an error, he or she checks to see whether their application is up to date or not. If for some reason, you are using an outdated or older version of the app, you will face certain errors as older versions are known to have bugs and issues in them.

You can simply update to the latest version of the Facebook app by visiting the Google Play Store. This new version, in turn, will help you to get rid of all those bugs and errors.

Tip 2: Clear Cache and Data Files for the Application of Facebook

Updated the application but I’m still feeling the effect of bugs and errors? Try clearing the data and the cache for the application on your phone as that may help get rid of these errors. One can simply access the settings of the android device as that is the easiest way to clear the data and cache. 

In the settings tab, all you need is to locate yourself in the apps section to select Facebook from the list of apps that appear on your screen. Tap the storage icon and tap on both clear cache and clear data to finish the job. This will end your Facebook error crisis right away.

Tip 3: Reinstall the Application of Facebook

Moving ahead comes this option. If clearing the data and cache didn’t help, then you should try to uninstall and then reinstall the Facebook application on your device. This simply means that you will have to remove the Facebook application from your device and then visit the play store to install it again on your device.

You can either use the settings option to uninstall the app or you can hold the icon from the menu until a pop-up appears. Reinstalling may just be the missing piece in your puzzle to solve the Facebook errors on your device.

Tip 4: Enable Facebook Notifications

Missing out on all the actions because you are not getting any notifications. Start by checking to see whether or not you have configured the notifications settings correctly on your device in the first place.

To make sure this happens, navigate yourself to the settings>apps>application list>Facebook>notifications and then simply check to see if the option is turned on or not. Once you have done so, you will receive all of the notifications whenever something pops up on your Facebook.

Tip 5: Reboot Your Device

We are in the endgame now. If there is no other way for you to look and none of the other mentioned methods work, then you may want to restart your device to check whether or not this makes a difference. Simply press and hold the power button and then click on the reboot option to reboot your device.

This will most probably solve all of your Facebook application woes for android devices.

These are some of the major tips that one can keep in mind and make good use of them to fix these errors. If for some reason, you are looking to use a professional tool to resolve these Facebook app issues, the next section is of particular importance to you. 

Although you need to keep in mind that tools are mostly used when there is something seriously wrong with the operating system which further causes apps just like Facebook to crash quite often.

Fix Facebook Application Issues With the Help of A Tool

If your Facebook app crashes often or freezes on your android device, there is a high probability that there is something seriously wrong with your operating system which can further cause the app to crash or freeze every time you try to access it. 

In such cases, a dedicated repair tool is needed to repair the operating system of your device that is at fault. There are plenty of great repair tools that are easily available on the internet. These tools let the users help with several issues which also include Facebook app issues for your android device. 

All such software follows the one-click approach which makes sure that the user can fix the error without breaking a sweat. 

Some of the best system repair tools include phone doctor plus, Doze, and Assistant for Android along with many other tools. 

Here are the Steps That One Can Use to Rectify the Error That They are Facing.

  • Download the software on your computer and install it to launch the repair program. After this, you will need to connect your phone to your computer and tap on the repair android system in the software tab.
  • Now, hit “repair now” on the screen that appears next to enter the correct information regarding your device to proceed further by clicking on next.
  • Now, you will need to wait for a couple of minutes while the software downloads the specific firmware package for your device. Hit repair now once the download is complete to click on continue to begin with the repairing process of your device. 
  • In the next window, carry out the on-screen instructions, to begin with, the download mode on your phone, and then the software will start repairing your device. You will be notified by the software once the repairing of your device is finished.

These simple steps can help you to fix your operating system so you can fix the “Facebook mobile app is not working” issue without much fuss.


Facing Facebook errors is like clockwork for android users which is why one should always keep in mind the aforementioned methods that can help to fix when the Facebook app is not working on android. 

These simple tips, methods, or whatever you would like to call them can help you with troubleshooting so you can carry on with your active social life without ever having to worry about what might happen if an error or issue of some sort occurs.

The repair tool mentioned earlier in the article is only used when there is no chance that the user can fix the issue with general troubleshooting. Most important thing is, one should always back up the data of your device before you decide to move forward with such methods so you can easily restore it to carry on with your day-to-day chores.

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