YTS: A Look At The Website And Its Alternatives

Piracy and movies go way back to when the first-ever copyrighted movie was available on the internet. Ever since then people have been making the best out of such websites that promote piracy and offer recently released high-budget movies and shows for absolutely free. 

Tons of websites like extra torrent went under the sword by the hands of law agencies and the latest in the line is the YTS website. The YIFY or the YTS website has been at the heart of tons of torrent lovers. It was known as one of the best websites where you can get your hands on the latest torrents and magnet links. The website had a smooth interface along with tons of genres and high-quality torrents to choose from.

The YTS even had something for the Hindi movie fans. Even after the website was taken down, the YTS proxy movies sites emerged which were of some use to the fans of this website until even these websites were banned in many regions of the world.

Disclaimer- We do not support the use of such illegal websites by any means. The information offered here is for the sole purpose of educating the viewers about the pros and cons of such websites that offer pirated content.

It is advisable for the viewers to steer clear of such websites and not encourage others to use these websites as well.

Today, we will be talking about some of the better alternatives to this amazing website in case it is banned in your region.

Given below are some of the alternatives to the YIFY movies website.

Top YTS alternatives to download and stream movies

1. The Pirate Bay

Known as one of the best torrent websites, the pirate bay is used by tons of people all over the globe. It was only recently revealed that this amazing torrent website returned and will be accessible for the fans via the original domain, which is 

The website owes its popularity and fame to its brilliant user interface along with the wide variety of torrents that a user can download from this website. Some even say that the pirate bay is the best alternative to the YIFY website.

You can download movies, TV shows, software, and many more things from this website.

Website link:

2. 1337x

In case you need to get your hands on the latest movies, apps, and songs using torrent files and the YTS website is banned in your region, you can simply access this brilliant website to get the work done. 

The great design of this website speaks for itself as the neatness reflects everywhere, be it the home page or the search index. One of the best things about this website is the categorization of movies and TV shows. It is also the clone website of YTS.VS.

You can get your hands on the best anime, cartoons, music, television, movies, and tons of other things. What attracts people to this website is that they do not have to search for the content of their choice as it is arranged in an orderly fashion.

Website link:

3. Kickass Torrents

This website is one of the most popular ones and hereby doesn’t need any introduction. Many claim it to be the perfect replacement of the YTS movie’s website to stream online for the users who are unable to access YTS for some reason. 

But unlike other websites, the parent website of the kickass torrent was closed a long time ago and you can now access this amazing website only by using the mirror websites.

You can find everything that you need on the mirror websites as they have the content and the same user interface. The website has a cloud that tells the users about the common searches that are being done by the users on this website.

Website link:

4. Extra Torrent

This was the real deal when it came to torrent websites before it was taken down a few years back in 2017. It was shut down by law enforcement agencies due to a violation of cyber laws.

Although you can still access this amazing website using proxy websites in case the parent website has been banned in your region. This website targets a wide range of audiences, majorly because of the wide range of variety that this website has to offer.

Website link:

5. Rarbg

This website is known by many as one of the best websites ever despite having the problem of ads and pop-ups. One can always turn to this website in case the YIFY and the proxy websites are not working to download the torrents of their choice. 

The website is mostly accessed by the users who are willing to download movies using torrent links as this website has a separate section for the trailers of the latest movies as well as the torrent links to download the movies.

Website link:

6. Lime Torrents

The lime torrents website has seen its fair share of ups and downs but still always manages to end up in the list of the best torrent websites.

This website is highly rated when it comes to reviews from the users as you can find almost every torrent on this website. It is safe to say that this website is the best alternative to YTS in case the website is not working in your area.

The best thing about this website is that the torrent files hosted here have a healthy number of leechers and seeders. The developers of the website make sure that it is updated regularly so the users can have the best experience.

Website link:

7. Zooqle

One of the latest websites that have been on the rise now, quickly cementing its position as one of the best torrent websites around the globe. The number of torrent files available for the users has increased significantly on this website.

The website consists of tons of different categories that include games, music, videos, movies, and software. All you need to do is to access the tab to get the torrents that you need with relative ease.

One of the most notable features of this website is that it has a section for the torrents that were seeded the most, something that no other website has offered yet.

Website link:


This website was on the rise for a total of 10 great years before it was eventually taken down in 2015. The servers of this website were then taken by a firm that goes by the name of EZCLOUD LIMITED. 

Although this website has tons of flaws and was down for quite a long time, the servers are now back up and the users can access this website to download the torrents of their choice.

Just like many low-grade websites, the website also contains tons of ads that may annoy the user at the very least.

Website link:

These are some of the best websites that you can access to download torrents easily. Although there are plenty of other websites, the ones listed above are the best as per the claims of the users.

YTS Proxy Websites in 2020/2021 (working)

In case you are unable to access the websites that are mentioned above due to the blocking of this website by your service provider and the infamous YTS website is banned in your region, you can try to use the proxy websites that are given below, should the need for it arise.

Name Of Proxy SiteURL

Although these websites help you in accessing the latest of everything, you still need to keep in mind that the websites are illegal, and using them can you get in deep trouble. 

A few of you might still have a handful of questions that’s why we have prepared an FAQ of the questions that are commonly asked by the users.


Q.1- What happened to YIFY?

Ans1- The original YIFY website was taken down as the owner of the website faced charges on the account of the distribution of copyrighted content illegally. Now the only way you can access this website is with the help of mirror and proxy websites.

Q.2-Why are YTS movies not working?

Ans2- The website may not work as your internet service provider may have blocked the website. In that case, you can access the websites that we mentioned earlier to get the torrents of your choice.

Q.3- Does YIFY still work?

Ans3- The original website cannot be accessed as it was taken down way back in 2015. Although you can still access the website with the use of proxy and mirror websites.

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