Top 9 anime torrent sites

List of Top 9 Anime Torrent Sites Working in 2021

Anime is one of the most successful industries that is not just famous in Japan but all around the world. People regardless of their age would love to watch anime and this is why millions are often witnessed looking for online platforms where they can watch their favorite anime series.

However, no matter whether you’re a big-time anime nerd or you’re someone who has just begun, it’s a well-known fact that anime is not easily accessible globally. So, you must be wondering “How to Watch Anime Online?” Well, that’s why we’re here to enlighten you about the increasing popularity of niche P2P anime websites that appear to enable you to stream anime movies and TV shows as soon as they surface online.

With that said, let’s help you find the best anime torrent sites to download anime either as an episode-based series or as a film. So, continue reading further to check out the below listed 9 best anime torrent sites of 2021 using which you can easily watch anime belonging to all sorts of categories, for free.

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Top 9 Anime Torrent Sites to Look Upon In 2021

S. No.Best Anime Torrent SiteWorking URL
3.Anime Tosho
7.Tokyo Toshokan

[Disclaimer: We’ve written this blog to educate and inform our valuable readers about the top 9 anime torrent websites to find legal content on them. We strongly discourage downloading copyright-protected content from these websites and thus, should not responsible for anyone who downloads any illegal content from these anime torrent sites. ]

Nyaa Torrent 

Quick Preview
Available Content:Anime movies, e-books, TV shows, and audio.
Best Features:No promotional ads, Plenty of healthy torrents, a handy filtering option, and the most popular anime torrent working URL.
Account Registration:Optional 
Mirror,,, and
Availability:Blocked by certain Internet providers.
Monthly Visitors:36,000,000+ visits.

This popular anime-dedicated torrent website was launched in 2005 and is still online. It has a clean and easy to navigate UI that lets searching any anime content a cinch. Basically, its classic design, and tabular interface makes this site one of the easiest torrent sites to download anime of East Asian media, such as Korean content, Japanese content, and Chinese content.

Apart from that, the site is supported by a fantastic community that regularly shares new anime collections on the platform, which you can find through category based torrent files. For instance, if you’re looking for ‘English audio anime series,’ then click on the website’s ‘English dubbed category’ and soon, all the series that the website has will appear in front of you. Similarly, you can search through name, size, date, and number of leechers and seeders.

So, this is one of the recommended anime torrent websites that you can definitely give a try for downloading your favorite anime content anytime you want.


Quick Preview
Available Content:Anime movies and TV shows.
Best Features:HorribleSubs alternative, ads not present, upcoming anime schedule.
Account Registration:Not required.
Mirror URLs:None.
Availability:Available Worldwide.
Monthly Visitors:480,200+ visits.

If you know HorribleSubs, a notable anime torrent website which was taken down a few years back, then SubsPlease will remind you of the same because it has a similar web site design. 

SubsPlease, unlike other given sites that lets users upload their own content, isn’t an anime torrent aggregator instead, it has a dedicated team that shows anime only from legal streaming websites. Besides that, this anime torrent site is that it doesn’t contain any ads, which is hard to avoid on most of the torrent sites. Lastly, the best thing about SubsPlease is that it features an anime schedule which no other site has!

Overall, if you’re missing HorribleSubs and its high quality anime collection, then you would definitely love using SubsPlease.

Anime Tosho

Quick Preview
Available Content:Anime, movies and TV shows.
Best Features:Compact UI, verified anime torrents, no lag, latest anime collections.
Account Registration:Optional.
Availability:Blocked by few government organizations, universities, and ISPs.
Monthly Visitors:960,000+ visits.

The next popular site in the list for anime downloading is Anime Tosho. This site specializes in providing users with popular anime content. One unique aspect of Anime Tosho is the availability of mostly the verified torrents of the latest anime series that it displays on its homepage. Precisely, on the platform, you can easily find your favorite anime from the collection of more than 1000’s of anime that are dubbed in both ‘English and Japanese’ language. 

Besides that, the site has a completely different and compact UI compared to other sites. So, if you give this site a try then, you may get slightly bothered by seeing the website’s old-school design but, surely it will not disappoint you in getting your hands on all the latest anime, that too without lag. 


Quick Preview
Available Content:Anime, TV shows, adult videos, Anime movies, audio, software, comics, games, and more.
Best Features:P2P website, minimal ads, English dubbed anime torrents.
Account Registration:Not required.
Mirror URLs:None.
Availability:Blocked by a number of ISPs across the globe.
Monthly Visitors:750,000+ visits. 

Another great site that you can check out to get anime content in good quality is none other than AniDex. The site is a traditional P2P website that offers a long list of torrent files with each containing the required information about their respective contents. It claims to offer you a great experience with minimal distractions from promotional ads and redirect links. On the site, though you’ll primarily get your hands on all the newest English dubbed anime torrents, this doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on other content such as manga torrents, anime video games, comics, and apps etc. 

Apart from that, the site classified its torrents in different categories like anime torrents, light novel torrents and music torrents, so that no one will face any difficulty in finding their favorite anime content on the platform. Thus, all in all, AniDex is worth giving a shot, if you’re in search of a great online anime torrent site.


Quick Preview
Available Content:Anime, Movies, games, software, e-books, TV shows, audio files, adult content, comics, anime, and many more.
BestFeatures:Old anime torrents, huge database.
Account Registration:Optional.
Mirror, and
Availability:Blocked in several countries such as the United States, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Australia, China, Germany, India, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.
Monthly Visitors:28,000,000+ visits.

There should be no cross question on why Pirate Bay is on the list of top anime torrent sites. ThePirateBay is the galaxy’s most resilient site that despite not being a dedicated anime site, is considered as one of the best anime torrent sites that one could ever know. Well, it’s undoubtedly because the site holds thousands and thousands of anime torrents. And, along with anime, you can find almost everything on this site ranging from software, games, music to TV shows, apps and movies, etc.

Overall, it is worth mentioning that there is no shortage of anime torrents on this site. So, in case you experience a difficult time in finding a particular anime on other anime sites then you should simply search for your anime series on ThePirateBay website as it holds millions of torrents along with a huge database of both old and new anime content. 


Quick Preview
Available Content:Anime, Anime movies and TV shows.
Best Features:Private anime community, best library of anime series, and High-quality torrent files.
Account Registration:Required.
Mirror URLs:None.
Availability:Available worldwide.
Monthly Visitors:360,000+visits.

Next popular option in the list of top anime torrent websites is Bakabt torrent. This site offers the best library of both “old & obscure” as well as “latest and greatest” anime series in the world. But, it is different from other anime sites as you’ll not find direct links to download torrents on its platform. Instead of that, you can use it like a search engine to find links of whatever torrent content you wish to download. For instance, to download an anime series from Bakabt, what you have to do is simply search for the same through its website and when you do so, you’ll get a download link of the same.

However, to download your favorite anime from the site, you need to be a part of one of the private groups because as mentioned, this site requires registration. Basically, to be able to download anime from Bakabt, you have to be a registered user on this platform. And, it is vital to mention that, you cannot easily signup on the site rather, you’ll need to first participate in an interview that the site staff conducts regularly.

Tokyo Toshokan

Quick Preview
Available Content:Anime, & Hentai movies, comics, TV shows, and plenty more.
Best Features:RSS feed integration and tons of Local Japanese anime media.
Account Registration:Not required.
Availability:Available worldwide, blocked by a number of ISPs.
Monthly Visitors:3,440,000+ visits.

Tokyo Toshokan is one of the most popular anime torrenting websites available out there for all the hard core anime lovers. Although, you can find all sorts of anime content which you may not find somewhere else, but still, the site is mainly famous for offering tons of Japanese content. And, as anime have a very special place in Japanese media, this leads to the constant flow of P2P anime files on the platform to make them available for users every couple of minutes.

Another plus point of Tokyo Toshokan is you can integrate its RSS feed to stay updated about all the latest anime and about the anime torrent files that have been freshly published on the site. 

In addition to the same, Tokyo Toshokan also supports customized search where you can include as well as exclude specific terms. This will make it quite easy for users to find the type of healthy P2P anime files that one is looking for! So, all in all, you can definitely check this website out because anime is the main reason for its popularity across the globe.


Quick Preview
Available Content:Anime Movies, games, music, applications, TV shows, comics, adult content, video clips, and more.
Best Features:Separate anime torrents section and good quality of all sorts of content.
Account Registration:Not required.
Mirror,,,,,, and
Availability:Banned in the United Kingdom, Australia, Finland, Norway, Italy, Denmark, Russian Federation, Australia & Spain.
Monthly Visitors:52,200,000+ visits.

Just like The Pirate Bay, 1337x also offers quite a great range of content in all sorts of categories and along with that, it contains a separate section which is completely dedicated to anime torrents. This means, while you can surely download any of your favorite anime content from 1337x, you will also get your hands on other content as well. 

Furthermore, it is worth noting that this anime torrent site for having a clean and easy to navigate UI, has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. And, all the anime series that are available on the site are in good quality so you don’t have to compromise with the quality of the content you download from 1337x. 

So, if you’re a die-hard anime fan then, surely you’ll be impressed looking at the collection of anime torrents that this website has to offer.


Quick Preview
Available Content:Anime, Movies, music, software, TV shows, and games.
BestFeatures:Separate web pages of top 100 torrents, simple web design and verified torrents.
Account Registration:Optional.
Mirror,,,, and
Availability:Banned in Australia, France, and the United Kingdom. 
Monthly Visitors:14,640,000+ visits.

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Well, what makes LimeTorrents as one of the best sites in the list of anime torrents is that it regularly updates its content. On the platform, you’ll find a lot of anime torrents such as Blu-Ray that you can download in high-definition quality. However, the site is not actually an anime-focused torrent tracker; instead, you can check for a lot of other content as well.

With that said, LimeTorrents has added some separate web pages to provide the list of top 100 torrents which are in trend at present. And, apart from that, to update users about the latest torrents that have been uploaded on the platform. Commenting on its web design, let’s tell you that it is very simple and you can navigate through it as fast and easily as you can! 

Last but not least, the best thing about LimeTorrents is that it lets users find all the verified torrents with the help of a star icon that can be spotted only in front of the verified torrent listing.

So, that’s all! These are the top 9 best anime torrent sites using which you can download anime for free. On these anime torrent sites, you will find all the latest anime along with popular content of various other categories.  However, make sure to pay attention to the above-written disclaimer.

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