Top 5 Alternatives to Ebook3000

Top 5 Alternatives to Ebook3000- Easy Way to Download Books for Free

Ebook3000 is a website from where you can download soft copies of books for free. The website is a paradise for all bookworms, as it offers its users books from more than 30 categories. The wide range of categories of books includes architecture, art, comics, biographies, engineering technology, magazines, novels, sports, encyclopedias, and much more.

When you visit the homepage of the website, you will see a long list of books that are recently uploaded on the website. This feature of the website makes it a favorite of users as they get to read newly released books on a regular basis.

Moreover, the website has a ‘Popular eBooks’ section, where the books that are popular among readers and are downloaded the most, are displayed.

This platform has countless books added to each category, due to which users can have a hard time finding the desired book by going through each category one by one. Therefore, to make it easy for users, a search bar is there on the website, where users can type the title of the book or its international book number, to get the specific book.

Furthermore, downloading books is a very easy task here. Once you find the book that you wish to download, click on it, and you will be directed to its description page, where you will see a Download button, by clicking on it the book will start downloading.

Original Website:

Comments and Reviews:

  1. Ebook3000 has a large number of books added to each category.
  2. It is somewhat difficult to download files.
  3. The website shows exact book results by typing the title of the book in its search bar.
  4. Many download links of books are giving 404 errors.

Disclaimer- We, in no way, promote the illegal ways of reading books or articles, the information provided here in this article is solely for educational purposes.

Alternatives to Ebook3000

1. Z-Library

Features: Z-library is the largest free e-book downloading platform. It has over 8.5 million free e-books. The latest books get added regularly to the platforms that can be easily downloaded.

Z-Library Info, Screenshot, and Reviews

Z Library is the largest e-library with over 8.5 million e-books and 84.8 million articles, published by authors from all around the world. The website was established in 2009 and has tremendously grown over the years.

The platform has precisely 36 major categories, which are further divided into hundreds of subcategories. However, users do not have to worry about finding a book. They just have to type the title, author, international book number, publisher, etc. in the search bar and the website will show all the results relevant to the requested book.

The website has a very simple and sophisticated layout, which makes it very easy for users to access all its features.

New books and articles are continuously added to the website, which can be found in the Recently Added section. Moreover, the website provides the ‘Most Popular’ section as well, where books popular among other users can be found. This makes it a strong competitor and the best alternative to Ebook3000.

Users can easily download the book in different popular formats like PDF, EPUB, RTF, etc. and can even send the desired book to their Kindle.

Original Website:

Comments and Reviews:

  1. It is very easy to download books from Z library.
  2. You can literally find any book here.
  3. I really like the ‘Send to Kindle’ option provided on the website. But you need to sign up on the website to access this feature.
  4. Books are easy to convert in different formats.
  5. It is easy to find books here!

2. FreeBookSpot

Features: FreeBookSpot is a website to freely download soft copies of books from different categories. The website has more than 30 categories of books. Users can even upload books to the website by registering themselves.

FreeBookSpot Info, Screenshot and Reviews

As the name suggests, FreeBookSpot is a website that offers users to download ebooks for free. The website has overall 33 categories, which are further divided into subcategories, making the total categories number to be 150. 

As soon as you visit the homepage, you can see the books that are recently uploaded to it, along with some information like Author name, Book Title, Publishing Year, Category, Time of upload and the Uploader name.

If you want to search for a specific book, then you can search by typing its name, author name and ISBN, in the fields provided on the home page. However, if you do not have anything particular in mind, then you can go on exploring hundreds of their categories, provided in the sidebar of the homepage.

One very intriguing feature of the site is that it provides books in 16 different languages that are spoken around the world; some of these are Chinese, English, Hindi, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Latin, etc.

In order to download a book, users have to click on the book, after which they will be directed to its page. There, click on the link provided in the ‘Link Table’ to proceed with downloading.

Original Website:

Comments and Reviews:

  1. Most of the links to download books don’t work.
  2. Books are easy to find, but almost all links are blocked.


Features: The website is a free book reading platform for all book lovers. Users can read and even upload books. The website also provides its users with the opportunity to write and publish their book on the website. Info, Screenshot and Reviews is a great alternative to Ebook3000, as this website not only allows you to read and download books, but also allows you to write and upload your own books. This is a great platform to start your journey as a writer, as you can publish your work and share it with others, all free of cost.

However, the books are not defined in categories, therefore, it can be a bit difficult to find a book that you would want to read when you don’t have any specific book in mind. Nevertheless, a search bar is provided on the website, which can be used to search desired books.

Furthermore, books can be easily downloaded from this platform. Users just have to click on the book, after which they are directed to its download page, where its little description, file size, and download button can be found.

The website also collects feedback from users. Users can report to the website if the book they have downloaded is not the same as described on the description page.

Original Website:

Comments and Reviews:

  1. It is very difficult to sign in to the website. It keeps on showing incorrect emails.

4. AvaxHome

Features: AvaxHome is a website where users, along with free eBooks, can also get video tutorials on various subjects. The website offers its users a wide variety of categories to choose from.

AvaxHome Info, Screenshot and Reviews

AvaxHome is a new buzzed up website that is gaining a lot of popularity among users, which makes it a perfect alternative to EBook3000. The reason behind the increased user traffic on this website is none other than the providence of video tutorials, along with the feature of downloadable free e-books; which has added another dimension to its success, and thereby making it unique from all other free ebook platforms present out there.

Moreover, the categories on this website are more clearly defined. All the categories are grouped according to their alphabetical order, aiding users in their book hunt. The platform offers a wide range of categories like, Fiction, History, Art, etc. that are normal ones, and there are some trending categories like Business & Management, Algorithm & Cryptography, Cloud Computing, etc. which roughly sums up to 26 in number. Having more advanced categories covered, the website holds an edge over its competitors.

Additionally, the website has a separate Magazine section, where magazines of different fields of working like computing, fashion, etc. can be found.

Original Website:

Comments and Reviews:

  1. The magazine column on the website is something that cannot be found on any other such website. 
  2. Books of trending technologies can be easily found here.

5. Quickreader

Features: Quickreader is an app that provides you access to 2 million books for free. All the books are just a tap away from you. It also helps you improve your reading speed.

Quickreader Info, Screenshot and Reviews

Quickreader is an app and another great alternative to Ebook3000. This app offers you several unique features that are available on none of the above-mentioned websites. This platform offers users a feature to increase their reading speed. It has a guiding feature that highlights the words to be read, without breaking the flow and, thereby, increasing the efficiency and speed of user reading.

The speed at which the user wants to read can be adjusted according to their suitability. It can be adjusted within a range of 10  words to 4 thousand words in a minute. Pretty high, right!

In order to get started using the app, the user just has to download it on their mobile phones, choose the desired book, and begin reading. There are more than 2 million free ebooks present in it and the users get free access to all of them.

Furthermore, the app has several customizable features to aid the user reading; like users can set font size, color schemes, margins, etc.

Original website:

Comments and Reviews:

  1. Several free books from different categories are readily available.
  2. It is very easy to use and comes without the hassle of downloading books.
  3. It is very effective in increasing reading speed.
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