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Try These 7 Best Alternatives of Orcpub In 2021

If you’re into a gaming profession or a die-hard gamer who loves to play games like Dungeons and Dragons—a fantasy tabletop role-playing game that requires a suite of tools then, you must have heard or used the Orcpub website at least once. Orcpub was considered to be the best place for finding almost every kind of tool for Dungeons and Dragons of 5th Edition.

However, this popular D&D5E character generator website back in 2019 has been hit by a C&D (Cease and Desist, an order to stop an activity) mainly for using non SRD (System Reference Document) content on its platform. Hence, it was abruptly shut down later on February 22, 2020. Yes! Unfortunately, for those who still don’t know, Orcpub.com was taken down offline last year and is no longer open for access.

Well, until and unless it was online, the site aims to fully focus on creating tabletop gameplay really simple and smoother for the players. For that, it allows a D&D5E gamer to easily and freely create a DND character. Therefore, Orcpub, the site which was run by the creator Larry Christensen became one of the most popular free websites for providing a suite of tools for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition game.

Nevertheless, as it’s no longer there to provide its users with the opportunity to create a D&D character using its set of tools, here’s the list of its closest alternatives—

7 Best Alternatives of Orcpub at a Glance:

  1. Talespire
  2. Roll 20
  3. D&D Beyond
  4. Rolisteam
  5. Beyond Tabletop
  6. Fantasy Grounds
  7. Aurora Builder

So, keep continue reading about them if you really need to enlighten yourselves regarding similar platforms like Orcpub:

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Detailed Overview of Orcpub’s 7 Alternatives

1. Talespire—

Talespire has a lot within its boundaries. It’s an online, digital, and graphical platform for playing classic P&P (Pen and Paper) role-playing games along with friends, colleagues, and cousins by directly inviting them for the sessions through Talespire invitations. Apart from that, this site as a direct alternative to Orcpub contains the largest selection of comprehensive toolsets from which you can easily select what you desire to build your own campaign, own virtual tabletop game with characters, minions, and bosses. 

Thus, its aim is to bring an authentic multiplayer Dungeons & Dragons-style tabletop role-playing experience to the gamer’s PC. Well, in a nutshell, Talespire is one sort of terrific spot where you and your friends build stories together and play throughout the entire play round. However, the site’s only downside is that it’s not run on a free model. This means, its one-time purchase varies between $20 and $25 and at the time of buying, you will get a perpetual license for it.

Website URL: https://talespire.com/

2. Roll 20—

If you’re especially looking for powerful and awesome features like dynamic lighting, Dice Rolls, Video & Voice Chat Support, and many others then, Roll 20 is where your search should stop! Created by the Orr Group, LLC, this is a platform that along with pen and paper RPGs has video clips, background songs, character sheets, voice chat, an art library, drawing tools, and much more. Roll 20 is also unique in the sense that, unlike many others, it contains various character-building tools at a reasonable price i.e., you just require to pay between $5 and $10 according to your subscription. Besides that, what’s best about Roll 20 is that you can even run these sets of tools in your respective browser as it is totally web-based.

Website URL: https://roll20.net/

3. D&D Beyond—

This site is emerging as one of the preeminent alternatives of Orcpub for providing a digital toolset that is completely authorized for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. On the platform, you can easily get a hold of character builders, digital character sheets, monsters, spell listings, and many other useful sets of tools. On top of that, the D&D platform is also considered the best digital replacement for twitch integration and printed books. Well, that’s not it! If you’ve got an inclination for such a platform that not only regularly posts original content like streams, videos, and articles; but also updates the same.

Website URL: https://www.dndbeyond.com/

4. Rolisteam—

Another well-designed open-source website on the list of Orcpub alternatives is none other than Rolisteam. This site provides multiple required features like “Character Sheet, Rich text Editor, Secret Dice rolling, Share pictures, maps like Vectorial Map, Drawing tool (to draw a map on the fly), Playable Characters, Name Generator, Music Player, and Unit Converter” with the help of which a gamer along with his remote friends/players can effectively manage tabletop role-playing games. So, having as many impressive features as a gamer needs ever, this site runs to maintain its popularity among the best platforms for Role-Playing games.

Website URL: http://rolisteam.org/

5. Beyond Tabletop—

For years, this website is among us to provide a set of comprehensive tools for role-playing game players. Well, the reason why you would definitely consider this as one of the best alternatives of Orcpub is that it’s based on a free subscription model, and on top of that, you can use it online on any of your devices because it is also fully compatible with all devices. However, if this is not what tempts you then, let us further add that this site even has multiple easy-to-use online character sheets and maps that are designed especially with the help of HTML5 technology.

Website URL: https://www.beyondtabletop.com/

6. Fantasy Grounds—

Like many tabletop role-playing games, Fantasy Grounds also accommodate the following features: virtual dice rolling, character sheets, and maps with a grid system to assist tabletop role-playing game players in playing either in person or remotely. Well, introduced in 2004, this has been actively facing users on the platform for allowing them to prepare their own systems. On top of that, it also supports pen and paper RPG game systems such as Pathfinder and Numenera to let users automatically calculate when playing games, creating characters, initiating fights, and so on, by the program. Additionally, systems like Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Vampire the Masquerade, Warhammer RPG, GURPS Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition can be easily downloaded and integrated from Fantasy Grounds for free. However, note that if you want to access systems such as Savage Worlds, Mutants & Masterminds then, though they’re available, you’ll have to purchase them as an additional package.

Website URL: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/

7. Aurora Builder—

Lastly, the site that you can consider for building your own tabletop role-playing game character to make it as you like then, Aurora Builder is one such platform that contains a lot of features for that! To be precise users are allowed to create their versions of characters using all those thousands of options that are available in the creator section of the site. And, for the user’s ease, this site also has an official app version that can be downloaded on PCs to create amazing and fantastic characters for dragons or dungeons games. Isn’t it amazing!

Website URL: https://aurorabuilder.com/

That’s all! These are the 7 best alternatives that you can consider using in place of the Orcpub website to generate characters for Dungeons and Dragons of 5th Edition via the set of tools available on these respective sites.

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