List of Best Photo Editors

5 Tips for Using the Best Photo Editor

The photography world has come a long way since the oldest known surviving photograph in the 1820s. Even since the first Instagram photo in 2010, the world has continued to change. One reason is because of the rise of the photo editor. 

Now you have the choice between a free online photo editor or a paid photo editor app or editor. But not all are created equally. So how do you choose the best photo editor app?

One of the main ways to find the best photo editor is to know how to edit photos. Then, you can test out the photo editor and see if it can fulfill your editing needs. Read on to learn five tips for how to use a photo editor. 

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1. Check the Automatic Settings

Nearly all photo editors have an ‘auto’ button, which analyzes the photo and enhances it. With some photo editor apps, this could be all you need! It is also a great way to learn about the different settings available on the app and its ability to edit.

You can also try photo editor presets. Some editors come with preloaded presets to try, and you can download more. Play around with the presets to learn what style of editing you like.

2. Clean Up the Frame

One of the first steps is to straighten images and crop them, so any distractions are removed. Sometimes the photo editor will have the spot-clean function to remove any marks from the camera lens. 

If you need more editing functions to clean up photos, then consider an image background remover. The best free photo editor will allow you to change the entire background completely!

3. Edit Lights and Darks

You can also try the contrast, white balance, and exposure tools. You can also edit highlights and shadows to target specific areas of your photo. It takes time to find what works for the image, but it is an excellent base before editing in further detail.

4. Increase Vibrancy 

A free online photo editor will have vibrancy and saturation tools. You can highlight different colors in the photo or make every color brighter with saturation. How vibrant and saturated you want your image depends on if you want it to appear natural or dramatic.

5. Sharpen the Photo

Sharpening your photo can make it seem cleaner and more precise. Some editors will allow you to hone in different ways, such as through clarity and structure. It helps to sharpen well for printed photos, but a basic function is sufficient for online images. 

The Best Photo Editor

Now you have the tools to find the best online photo editor for you. You may need to try several before you find the best photo editor that meets your needs. And have patience with yourself because it takes time to get to know a photo editor.

You do not necessarily need to pay for a photo editor app. There are high-quality free online photo editors to try. Before you know it, you will be editing like a pro!

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