Best Tool to Convert, Compress and Split PDF Files

GogoPDF: The Quick Tool to Convert, Compress, and Split PDFs

PDF is among the many file formats that make the digital world better. In the past, people only knew specific file formats such as Word, PPT, and Excel. Today, almost everyone knows how to use and manipulate a PDF file. As a result, online tools were created to help everyone with their tasks concerning PDF transformation.

One of the many reliable online tools is the GogoPDF. It has several features that you can efficiently utilize. If you wish to know more about some of GogoPDF’s essential tools, you should continue reading this article. 

File Converter Tool

One of these days, your superior might ask you to print a file in MS Word format. If you immediately print it, you will surely create a huge mess. Moreover, printing a Word document format is not ideal since some of your file’s essential formats, such as texts, lines, and other metadata, might be altered. 

An ideal way of eliminating this kind of problem is to convert your Word document into a PDF format. Using GogoPDF, you can easily convert Word to PDF. Also, this tool is good for those people who are in a hurry since you can finish converting your file in less than a minute if you thoroughly follow each instruction. 

To start the process, you have to place your file in GogoPDF’s system. Next, GogoPDF will automatically analyze and convert your file into a PDF format. Usually, the time required for this is only a minute or less, depending on your internet connection. In the end, you need to click your file’s link and start downloading the recently converted file.

How to Compress a PDF File?

If you have a PDF file with a huge memory size, it would be better if you compress its size. Also, it takes time to send a huge file size online. Thus, it decreases your productivity at work. However, once you reduce your file, you can immediately send it to your file’s receiver and save some space on your device. 

Moreover, in compressing a PDF file, you need a reliable tool to help you with this task. Luckily, GogoPDF has the most sophisticated file compression tool. It can easily reduce the size of your file in just a few clicks. Usually, once you reduce your file, it also automatically reduces the quality of your file. But, With GogoPDF, this is not a problem since GogoPDF ensures to provide you with the same quality as your original file. 

First, you have to select the file that you wish to compress and drop it in GogoPDF’s tool. Once done, you can choose whether to compress it fully or not. After that, the system will automatically analyze and compress your file. The process will not take long, especially if you have a strong internet connection. 

How to Split a PDF File? 

One of these days, your teacher or your boss at work might ask you to remove an erroneous page from your PDF file. If you have no idea how to remove page/s from a PDF file, that will surely be a huge problem. Of course, you can try to redo the entire file or scan each page. But, it would consume a lot of time. Thus, it is best to learn some techniques to make it easier. 

Using GogoPDF’s Split PDF tool, you can split a specific page/s from your PDF file. With this online tool, you will not undergo any tedious process since all the procedures are straightforward. Also, this tool has the most sophisticated system that even if you are not that good at using personal devices, you can still easily follow all the steps provided by GogoPDF.

To start, you need to choose the file that you wish to split and place it in GogoPDF’s tool. Next, you can choose the specific page/s that you wish to remove from the original PDF file. Once done, GogoPDF will automatically process and analyze your file. This process will take a minute. In the end, you need to click on the link to download the newly converted file. 


GogoPDF is truly a reliable tool. With its quick and easy features, it will save you a lot of time for other tasks. Also, if you need to learn more about other tools from GogoPDF, you can visit its website. When visiting its website, make sure to avail yourself of its free-trial promo for a limited time only. Try it now! 

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