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List of 10 Best Music Torrent Sites for 2021

No matter whether you’re an adult or a senior citizen or a child, basically regardless of your age, let me ask you a question……“Can you imagine your life without music?” Of course not, right!

But why is that so? Umm…let me answer this on your behalf. Well, we all have a special place in our heart for music because we all are grown up responding to the surrounding melodies, isn’t it! Since a very early age we tend to respond positively towards music and the basic reason behind so has shown in studies that when we listen to music, our brains release ‘dopamine’ – a chemical which in turn makes us happy and that’s one of the essential motives of our lives, to stay happy. 

Besides that, when we grow up— the level of responsibility, stress and anxiety also increases to impact our mental as well as physical well-being and that’s when we get more inclined toward music because “Music helps us heal”— it takes us away from the present and allows us to relax and make our lives better. 

So, considering the ‘n’ number of benefits of listening to “Music” such as— it makes us happier, lowers our stress and improves health, reduces depression, elevates our mood, helps us sleep better, and also enhances our performance— there’s no-brainer why the majority of the world today are extremely nostalgic and obsessed with music.

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How You Can Get Your Hands on Unlimited Music to Listen and Download for Free?

Well, earlier it was quite difficult to listen to music as we had to either go to our nearest store to buy DVDs, Blu-rays, and CDs or rely upon radios and portable music player devices for that. But now, as everyone has Wi-Fi and an internet connection, they can easily listen to music on their favorite apps, such as ‘SoundCloud’ and streaming services namely ‘Spotify’ that too, at any time and anyplace they prefer! 

In fact, there are plenty of other apps and online websites available for radio stations, music, and music videos to help you stream all your favorite music from almost any device including tablets, mobile phones, and even Chromebooks and laptops. 

However, streaming seems to be all the rage these days, this doesn’t hide away the fact that— above every choice or option, there are still many people who still prefer to download music for offline listening. It’s because the Wi-Fi service getting down and Internet connection not working issues seem to be quite prevalent from the recent few years. 

This is why, “Torrenting” never gets old, and it remains an equally popular way for people as torrents are not only used to stream films, TV shows, web series, cards, e-books, and videos but also to download music, songs and albums as well.

So, in short, if you’re also one of those billions of music enthusiasts that prefer to download music using torrents then, this article will undoubtedly help you to get hold of your favorite tracks without a hassle.  Wondering how? Then, let’s continue reading further to know the same!

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List of Top 10 Best Music Torrent Websites for 2021

Well, it’s been a lonely trudge since the first lockdowns of March 2020 and, as we’re in the middle of 2021— (another lockdown prone year) we thought now would be a good time to recommend the top 10 best torrent websites for music so that you’ll not get bored or depressed while staying within the four-walls of your respective homes. So, with that said, let’s have a look at the top-10 ‘Working Music Torrent Sites’ to consider downloading music for free in 2021—

The Pirate Bay

Quick Overview of Main Highlights
Working URL:
Available Content:Music, anime, movies, TV shows, audio files, adult content, games, software, e-books, and comics, etc.
Best Aspect:Huge database of popular content plus VIP/Trusted user tags to find out legitimate and safe torrents
Registration:Not Necessary
Mirror/Proxy and
Availability:Blocked in several countries such as the United States, Australia, China, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.
Active Users24 Million+

Some Pirates Bay Music:
Daft Punk: Random Access MemoriesLady Gaga: ChromaticaKyary Pamyu Pamyu: DiscographyGreatest Hits of Lucky AliJay Chou: Common Jasmine Orange

Perhaps ‘The Pirate Bay’ is the most famous torrent tracker across the world, and that’s why it’s here on this list as well. Founded in 2003 by Piratbryan – a Swedish think tank, this website is the oldest one on the internet and listed as number one on Reddit’s list of best torrent sites. From its platform, you can download high-quality (FLAC) format music files very quickly and besides music, it’s also a great place to find plenty of movies, Games, TV Shows, Software and much more. 


Quick Overview of Main Highlights
Working URL:
Available Content:Music, anime movies, comics, games, applications, TV shows, video clips, and more.
Best Aspect:Good quality of all sorts of interactive media content. Simple and clean UI along with a dedicated section for most popular music torrents.
Registration:Not Required.
Mirror/Proxy,,,,,, and
Availability:Blocked in the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, Russian Federation, Australia, Finland, Norway, Italy & Spain.
Active Users71 Million+
Some 1337x Music:Elvis Presley: I Believe the GospelKeith Urban: GraffitiWOW: Gospel 2016London Symphony Orchestra and Gavin Greenaway: A Life in MusicKendrick Lamar: Black Panther

Second popular torrent website that has a dedicated section for music torrents is 1337X. The music section of 1337X provides the most popular music torrents of the world which gets updated each and every day.  In fact, what’s even cool about 1337X is that it even displays the necessary information such as name, time and size of the uploader for every music torrent on its platform!


Quick Overview of Main Highlights
Working URL:
Available Content:Plenty of active torrents of anime, e-books, TV shows and music.
Best Aspect:It has a clear and intuitive interface and contains only verified torrents.
Mirror/Proxy URLs:, and
Availability:Numerous ISPs limit access to Torlock.
Active Users:7.9 Million+
Some Torlock Music:AKB48: KamikyokutachiParty Queen: Ayumi HamasakiMr. Children: VersusEXO: The Love Shot

The next torrent site on the list that is famously known for its massive (4.8 million) database of interactive media content is none other than Torlock. Although, like any other torrent site, you can easily download any of the downloadable music torrents including other content from this platform as it organizes all its files categories-wise but, what’s unique about Torlock is that it claims to have only the verified torrents. And, those verified torrents of music, movies, TV shows, games and many more; you can download simply from the platform using a magnetic link.


Quick Overview of Main Highlights
Working URL:
Available Content:Music, games, TV shows, movies, applications, anime and books.
Best Aspect:Displays high-quality torrents and magnet link provider.
Registration:Currently closed but Still Accessed for downloading torrents.
Mirror/Proxy  URLs:,,and 
Availability:Blocked in countries such as Bulgaria, Morocco, Ireland, Indonesia, Pakistan, Portugal, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, and the UK
Active Users:57 Million+
Some Rarbg Music:A Jonas Brothers Concert: Happiness ContinuesMusic to Be Murdered By: EminemGarth and Trisha Live: A Holiday Concert EventTaylor Swift: City of Lover Concert

Rarbg torrent is one of the highly-recommended torrent trackers that we all know today. It was founded in 2008 and now operates under several domains after being specialized for uploading around 300,000 high-quality torrents in various categories such as music, TV shows, movies and games. Moreover, what you like about Rarbg is that it even reveals the size and number of files for each music stream and provides an extensive archive of high reliability torrent files and magnet links.


Quick Overview of Main Highlights
Working URL:
Available Content:Music, anime, movies, TV shows, software, and games.
Best Aspect:Simple web design, verified torrents and separate pages of top 100 torrents.
Mirror/Proxy,,,, and
Availability:Banned in France, Australia and the United Kingdom.
Active Users:17 Million+
Some LimeTorrents Music:Rihanna: AntiFreddie Aguilar: Juan Dela CruzDrake: Nothing Was SameJudasMy Head Is an Animal: Of Monsters & Men

Another popular and one of the best music torrent sites we’ve on the list is LimeTorrents. This site hosts a huge database of more than 10-million torrents in categories ranging from movies, TV shows, and games to anime, apps, and music. In fact, like the above-mentioned 1337x website, it also has a separate music section that contains most of the major music genres in more than 800,000 files. Besides that, LimeTorrents is a lightweight website that is devoid of ads. Additionally, on LimeTorrents you can find all the popular artists albums that have well over 10,000 seeders.


Quick Overview of Main Highlights
Working URL:https://www.torrentdownloads
Available Content:Music, TV shows games, movies, applications, books, and anime.
Best Aspect:It only lists verified torrents, and it segregates Music into different sections
Registration:Not Required
Mirror/Proxy URLs:, and
Availability:Blocked by individual ISPs in the United Kingdom.
Active Users:6 Million+
Some TorrentDownloads Music:Nyoy Volante: Now Hear ThisJay Chou: If You Don’t Love Me… It’s FineAKB48: Hanarete ItemoSifar: Kala AasmanLeehom Wang: The Heroes of Earth Live Concert

TorrentDownloads is among some of the best music torrent sites that offers excellent music-based torrent, that too, only verified ones. In fact, what’s interesting to know about this torrent tracker site is that— all its Music-based content are segregated very well into different genres of music such as Hip Hop, Pop, Rap, Rock, and Electronic, etc. Above all, TorrenDownload is one sort of perfect music torrent site for users, as it contains an enormous database of music torrents.


Quick Overview of Main Highlights
Working URL:
Available Content:Large selection of music and also other content like movies, TV shows, and games.
Best Aspect:It is virtually ad-free and pretty safe.
Mirror/Proxy URLs:, and
Availability:Blocked in many countries including, UK, USA, Australia, India and Germany
Active Users:14 Million+
Some SoundPark Music:Galaxia: Indie Rock CollectionEdenbridge: Chronicles of Eden Part 2Italo Disco: Essential House MusicThe 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical MusicTim McGraw Machine Hits

Another dedicated to music torrent downloads is none other than Sound Park. It is a Russian site that offers a huge library of music albums (especially studio ones) into various genres. Well, no doubt why according to Reddit users, Sound-Park is considered as one of the top sites for downloading music torrents. After all, here on this platform, you can find lots of hard to get albums in a range of country, indie rock, metal, classical, house music, and also popular Russian music.


Quick Overview of Main Highlights
Working URL:
Available Content:Music, movies, TV shows, games, anime, applications, and books.
Best Aspect:It has some advanced filtering options to offer verified torrent
Mirror/Proxy URLs:,,, and
Availability:Not blocked in any countries yet
Active Users:20.5Million+
Some Torrentz2 Music:Mud Factory: The Sins of Our FathersFrozen Soul: Crypt Of IceGorillaz: Past MastersPanopticon: Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness (I and II)

This torrent tracker that we’ve on the list of best music torrent sites is the successor of the popular decade-old site. Torrentz2 looks very similar to the original one in terms of UI, design and functionality but, what’s unique about this platform that makes it a regular name in the world is its new features. For instance, it helps you in finding verified music and other torrent files through its filtering process that first scans each and every torrent site from the database and then showcases it to you.


Quick Overview of Main Highlights
Working URL:
Available Content:Music
Best Aspect:It is solely dedicated to music and all the music files are very well segregated into different sections.
Mirror/Proxy URLs:
Availability:Available All Across the World
Active Users:2.7Million+
Some 101Torrent Music:Keiko Shichijo: Six DancesThy Light: SuiciDepressionStandard Complete Collection 1955-1966Maurizio Casu: l’universo dentro meAnnihilator: For the Demented

Second last, we’ve 101Torrent website on our list. Although, its name says it all but still let me tell you 101Torrent has a humongous torrent files on its platform that too, only in the category of music. To be precise, this dedicated- best torrent for music displays each and every song of all the famous and popular music albums and in fact, for ease-of user, it segregated them into different sections like Rock, Classical, Metal, Electronic, and many more. All in all, this is one of the best torrent tracker website for downloading all kinds of high-quality music torrents.

KickAss Torrent

Quick Overview of Main Highlights
Working URL:
Available Content:Music, anime, movies, comics, TV shows, video clips, games, applications, and more.
Best Aspect:It has simple and clean UI along with a dedicated section for music-based torrents
Registration:Not Required
Mirror/Proxy URLs:,,,and
Availability:Blocked by individual ISPs in India, Australia, US, and the UK.
Active Users:6.5Million+
Some Kickass Torrents Music:December Avenue: Kung ‘Di Rin Lang IkawMeek Mill: ChampionshipsRonnie Liang: Songs of LoveLil Wayne: The Carter VTravis Scott: Astroworld

Last but not least, we’ve Kickass on the list. It is a well-established site that ruled the top torrent tracker sites for years. In fact, currently also in the form of, it’s one of the top-choice of many users. Although reasons for its popularity are many but most importantly, it caters their needs by offering them a good number of torrents in all sorts of categories, especially music-based torrents because for that, it has dedicated a whole separate section. 

Now, before we end this blog, let us tell you that as your web server saves an impression of the ‘files’— that you download & ‘sites’ – that you use for downloading those files, so, in order to avoid the same, consider this below-mentioned way out!

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How to Download Music from These Top 10 Best Music Torrent Sites Safely and Securely?

One of the quickest and simplest ways out there to protect and anonymize your online presence while downloading music files or also any other content –is to use a VPN service. 

In fact, as in many major countries and regions like the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, India, Portugal, Denmark, and Morocco – these music torrent websites are completely blocked, so that’s why also, VPN is essential to unblock these sites for accessing them without any interruption.

However, if you’ve no idea how to use a VPN for aforementioned reasons then, you can follow these simply four-steps to use VPN for anonymously downloading music torrents

  • Download and install any VPN app such as NordVPN on your respective device.
  • Then, subscribe to that downloaded VPN service with your username and password.
  • After that, select the ‘Secure Download’ tab to anonymize yourself online.
  • Now, you can download your favorite music torrents without any hassle from any of the above-listed music torrent sites.

Bottom Line

That’s all! These are the top 10 best music torrent sites using which one can easily download songs for free of cost. To be precise, on these music torrent sites, you will be able to find all sorts of old, new, and latest popular music content to listen and relax your mind while you’re commuting, working out in the gym, or on an important project at work, etc.

Disclaimer :- The sole aim of writing this blog is to educate and inform our valuable readers about these top 10 best of the torrent websites for music. We stand against downloading copyright-protected content from these listed-websites and instead suggest using them to find legal content. So, we in no way should be held responsible for anyone who downloads any pirated content from these music torrent sites.


Q: How Do I Download Music with Utorrent?
A: To download music with Utorrent, follow these steps—Step 1: Find a Torrent File using any of the torrent sites like The Pirate Bay.Step 2: Then, Open uTorrent, go to its ‘File’ section and select ‘Add Torrent.’Step 3: After that, uTorrent will automatically start downloading the Torrent File you’ve selected.
Q: Is Downloading Music Illegal?
A: Yes. If you’re downloading those music files which are copyrighted-protected then it’s illegal as per the ‘Digital Millennium Copyright Act’ because you’ve obtained the work of music on your device which you did not pay for and this is punishable by law!
Q: Where Can I Download Pirated Music?
A: You can download pirated music from these above-listed 10 music torrent sites. Other than this, these following sites can also be used for the same purpose—
Q: Do I need to use VPN while visiting these sites?
A: Yes. It is important to use VPN while visiting any of the torrent sites because generally torrent sites contain malicious ads, links, viruses and malware that can risk your safety and security. Therefore, to access them safely, one needs to use VPN.
Q: Is it safe to download music from torrent websites?
A: Of course not! Torrenting is never safe because it’s not considered a legitimate option for downloading any sort of content (be it music or anything else). So, if you consider using torrent ecosystem for having access to copy-righted content then, it is suggested to avoid being into any legalities by hiding your IP address using VPN. 
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